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Social Media and Influencer Management

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Beginning as a way to supplement her income as a dancer and turning into a full-time social media operation, Chloe Wareham-Gordon, Founder of DigitalDancer Social Media Mgmt, fell into the digital marketing world. This sudden ascent was catalyzed by her assisting her first clients, Patty and Patty, go from 0 to over a million followers across TikTok and Instagram. And since that fateful relationship began in 2019, she's generated thousands of leads, hundreds of millions of followers/views, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fundraising revenue from nonprofit campaigns, 90% through organic growth, mostly through leveraging the discoverability offered by short-form video (e.g. TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts)



Not only is Chloe a master at understanding the marketing principles of social media, but she is a creative professional that I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with. She takes what I, or we, do then presents it to the world with beauty and respect for the overall message. 5 stars!

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The Digital Dancer (Chloe) has helped grow my business in such a short amount of time! I love the content she puts up and the ideas she gives me to keep my audience engaged  

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[Chloe] is legit and not afraid to speak her mind to guide the feed in the right direction. Positive aggressiveness!! Not playing games

"Chloé is amazing. Fast and furious, she's a whirlwind of creativity and ideas. She gets our stuff out and up on social media before you can blink an eye. And it's good stuff, too. She knows how to  make the posts effective and get results. I'm happy to be working with her, and happy to recommend!"

Cat Guthrie 

Executive Director

Keaton's Kids 

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