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Services & Pricing

strategic & Tactical planning

Creating a social media strategy based around key objectives/KPIs, testing, competitor research, audience sentiment, timelines, brand voice, and ad budgets (determining organic & inorganic strategies). 

Crafting unique plans per social media channel. Platforms potentially included in one's management servicesw can include: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Patreon, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn.

Content production, Publishing & Auditing

Creating a production plan/trends list, collecting content (either remotely or in-person), drafting content (including videos, graphics/infographics, etc.) and scheduling it. Results, including reach, engagement, leads, etc.  will be audited and inform continued strategy

Community engagement & Social Listening

Tracking social media mentions, engaging with audience and tracking audience sentiment. Also crafting a crisis management response plan

Consulting & Influencer management

Providing account audits and recommendations. 

Assisting garner and broker influencer-brand deals.

Prices reflect operation's scale and the number of hours and services required by the client, with customized rates available. Overall, rates are kept affordable for smaller/local nonprofits, creators and small businesses in order to enable quality social media management to be made more accessible. They are subsidized by standard rates on corporations and larger businesses/influencers.

Pricing Overview

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