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On a fateful day in 2019, Chloe Wareham-Gordon—after helping a local dance studio with general admin tasks including creating an Instagram page that gained 600 followers in a week—got a call from Marilyn Matarrese, whose acting partner, Anita Salvate (a native of Peekskill, NY, where Chloe was living) had seen Chloe’s work for the studio and asked the owner for her contact information. Marilyn asked, “hey, can you get us followers?” for the pages related to their Italian-American alter-egos, Patty and Patty, and Chloe responded with, “I don’t buy followers,” and Marilyn retorted with, “no, we want you to manage our social media pages.” And, in need of income to supplement her low earnings as a professional dancer, she accepted. The first thing she did was create their Patty and Patty TikTok page (her first time ever using the app), and gain access to their Instagram and Facebook accounts, which had around 11 followers and 1000 followers respectively. The first video Chloe posted, a clip of the ladies eating fried oreos at the San Gennaro Feast, garnered 200k impressions. From there, Chloe studied the algorithm and began tracking trends: trying to crack the code and re-brand the ladies’ characters to be the ideal TikTok “Zias” beloved by users of all ages. Her efforts proved fruitful (and also proved her ex- wrong): over a million “nieces/nephews” adore and follow the ladies on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook and their content has been viewed 250 million times. 

From there, others requested her help with their social media pages: an aviation archive, a Bollywood actor, author and activist, a musical theater school, metaphysical shops, a copy shop… These new accounts emerged while she was still dancing professionally with Carole Alexis Ballet Theater/Ballet des Ameriques, which she joined, coincidentally, around the same time she was approached by Patty and Patty. Before and after rehearsing, performing and taking classes, she was composing content calendars, scheduling content, creating trends/production lists, filming clients, editing and posting content, etc.

In May of 2022, things came to a head: she was invited to accompany a client, Wildlife Rescue India (featured in the Oscar-shortlisted film, All That Breathes) to the Cannes Film Festival, at the same time her client base was swelling to a dozen. Resultantly, she ended up taking a hiatus from the company and forming DigitalDancer Social Media and Influencer Mgmt LLC. 

Soon social media management became both a full-time affair and a calling, as she quickly ascended in that digital marketing world: cultivating nearly 30 clients from corporations to local nonprofits. 

As she always struggled to fit the mold as a dancer—nothing came naturally to her—the transition into marketing has been an easy one, as it feels second-nature. And now Chloe has creative agency—she’s no longer a medium to convey someone else’s ideas—she’s the one generating them. Perhaps her late father, George Gordon, influenced her in that regard (see below to read more on that marketing lineage)? 

Through her social media work, she’s been able to travel the world collecting native footage, from London to Egypt to Kuwait City. That’s her favorite part of the job: producing, collecting and sharing captivating content.

Nothing brings her more joy than those, "did you see that video hit 1 million!" texts from clients; the anecdotes of increased business (for brick-and-mortars), the rewarding feeling of selling out events and hitting fundraising goals through social media marketing…

Just in the past few years, the content she’s produced has helped her clients generate tens of thousands of leads, over a quarter of a million dollars in fundraising revenue for nonprofits, and has reached hundreds of millions of people. Through her strategic planning, she’s transformed regular people into influencers paid over $1000 per sponsored post. 

As a dancer, she performed in an array of repertory pieces with Ballet des Amériques/Carole Alexis Ballet Theatre. She holds a BFA in Dance from University of North Carolina (UNC) School of the Arts, and she graduated from Professional Performing Arts School, where she was given their highest honor, the "Crystal Stair Award for Courage, Character and Endurance." She enrolled in Westchester Community College's Social Media Management for Businesses certificate program in January 2022 led by Becky Livingston, President and CEO of Penheel Marketing.



In Her DNA...

This whole operation is inspired by that of her late father, George Stanley Gordon, an "ad man" who was known for his unparalleled creativity, resolve, and willingness to take risks. 

Chloe can honestly say she "stumbled" into this career, as she didn't actively seek it out. With Patty and Patty's request for social media assistance, the marketing world ushered her in. 


Ironically, her father, George Stanley Gordon—a "Mad Men" for nearly half-a-century—always maintained that she would have her own marketing agency one day. Actually, it was his dream to witness that feat, as he wanted one of his children to follow in his footsteps. A young girl at the time, she would rebuff him—insisting that she dreamt of being a performing artist, teacher, or writer. He never pressured her to change her aspirations. In retrospect, he was gently and subtly training her for the marketing world: tasking her with "selling him" an item, analyzing Super Bowl commercials, having her compose promotional jingles, spending hours with her creating stories, etc.

From beyond the grave, he is likely beaming with pride. He would be particularly elated to see Chloe managing the Braniff International/Braniff Airways Foundation social media pages, as the proudest moment of his career was convincing modern artist Alexander Calder to paint two commercial jetliners (a Boeing 727 and DC-8) for the airline (in addition to recruiting Halston to design sleek and chic crew uniforms). Since 2020, Chloe has been promoting the brand/nonprofit which aims to keep the memory of Braniff—and its dedicated employees (like her father)—alive. 

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